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Photographer of the Month: Ricky Collier

Ricky Collier, the brains and talent behind Theivez Media, is a man who is very far away from home.

His slick cinematography and the polished pictures form the travelogue of a man whose talent shines regardless of location.

t.e.’s featured creative for this month originally hails from New Zealand, but bases himself on Australia’s sun-soaked Gold Coast. Like other great New Zealanders and their inventions, it’s almost inevitable that he will soon be claimed as an Australian himself — just like pavlova. Collier has taken full advantage of living just a short distance from an international airport and taken a trip to Japan to shoot a stunning runaround for Thread Etiquette.

Tokyo’s neon splendour and fantastic evocation of a city’s nightlife proves to be an excellent backdrop in his stunning video. For him, the focus lies much more on the journey — both to and from — over the destination. Sometimes, it’s the giddy anticipation of going out that sticks with you most keenly. Other times, it is laughter and light spilling into the streets; the excitement of discovering something new about familiar places and people; the exultant, if blurry return home after a long, happy night. See if you can find shades of that in his video:

Ricky’s photography work with us can be found below:

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