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Photographer of the month: Nicole Knox

Not so for Nicole Knox, whose work tends to focus more on cool weather, stunning natural surrounds, and the depiction of silence… a far cry from the sun and the crashing west coast surf. Her photos tingle with a quiet energy. They’re a beautiful representation of nature’s timelessness, undisturbed and unrestrained, and her subjects are often focused on what’s out there instead of the camera; a silent reminder of the virtues of disconnecting and returning to the basics every so often.

Other photographs detail all of those little moments and images that pass us right by as they occur: little smiles, motions, or expressions that offer a glimpse into something sublime and perfect, though ephemeral. These are the details we remember in the years after the day, even as the other details fade. Still more feature sun-drenched moments of quiet contemplation; of a mottled, discolored sea, perfectly imperfect; of the simple tactile pleasures of the new and the familiar.

Nicole’s body of work with t.e. is listed below:

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