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Photographer of the Month: Kevin (Mousetrvp)

Kevin (Mousetrvp) is this month's photographer and he'll take you on an adventure with beautiful timepieces only from t.e.

Kevin/Mousetrvp hails from San Diego, California where sky rise buildings are complemented with picturesque beaches, numerous parks, several art galleries, museums and more. For this lifestyle photographer, the sky is the limit! It’s no surprise that he takes such adventuresome stills that draw thousands of followers on Instagram alone. With his photos, he gives you a taste of his artistic style that dares you to go out and explore.

One can expect images of a life in the city by the sea. But apart from the city sights, he also captures serene sunsets, isolated islands, cliffs, rocks, endless roads and visions of the wilderness. Trekking places many people only dream of to capture a moment of pure tranquility adds a sense of mystery to many of his pictures.  It’s amazing how his take on light and darkness gives a mysterious, somewhat dangerous effect on breath-taking scenes of nature.

Let Mousetrvp take you on a journey with t.e.:

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