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Photographer of the Month: Galvan Brighton

When it comes to this month's photographer of the week, everything is a little brighter. Why? Well, you only have to look at his name: Galvan Brighton.

Galvan specializes in photos that highlight cyan — so it is no surprise that he prefers the beach. Sporting an impressive pompadour in his collaboration with us, he mixes this fondness for bright blues with darker watches. All of this is set against an absolute gorgeous seaside setting, as his photos take place among rocky cliffs, offering stunning vistas for the eye.

It’s not all just stunning beaches, though, as several of his shots take place in inland. Brighton takes full advantage of his ideal location in sunny California to take trips into the state’s beautiful forests in order to produce fantastic shots among leafy surrounds. One of the best details about this set is its focus on foreground shots. Brighton’s intricate tattoos and fine eye for details make all of these a visual treat. His love for cyan makes brighter colors really pop.

The full set of Galvan’s t.e. photos are available below:

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