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Blogger of the Month: Denny Balmaceda

Making our money go that little bit further is the dream, and few people understand that more than Denny Balmaceda, our Blogger of the Month.

Working in and around New York, Denny is a fashion blogger who has been in the game since 2006 — long before the rise of Instagram and its personal style stars. His blog focuses on stylish budget buys and is aptly titled Look Rich, Shop Cheap. Denny took t.e. watches on a trip to Washington DC, and spent his time contrasting the vivid colors of its cafes, townhouses, and thriving seafood markets with their gray surroundings. There is something wonderful about the color grey, especially when set against some of the most famous monuments in the United States.  Those pearlescent skies affect the mood of Denny’s photography, allowing him to play with lighting and convey a warm mood even on a cold day.

In particular, it is a delight to see his experiments mixing blue and orange — two classically complementary colors. These work brilliantly against furniture and indoor light, bringing emphasis to their strong, distinct design.

Denny’s entire catalog of work with t.e. can be seen below:

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