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Blogger of the Month: Ali Gordon

Sharing his passion for fitness, fashion and food, blogger of the month Ali Gordon is making waves in social media and the blogging world.

More than just a blogger, he is a fitness model and a lifestyle blogger highly motivated in promoting a healthy lifestyle in some of the most stylish of ways. He believes in the importance of a healthier approach to feeling and looking good, which are clearly manifested in his own photos. Ali trains hard, keeps focused and disciplines himself without self-starvation. A model who doesn’t deprive himself with the pleasures of good nutritious food.

Mixing fitness with fashion, he is becoming well-known on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in the fashion blogging industry sporting denims, neutrals, textured fabric, statement footwear and some of the best wrist-wear you can find. He captures sights of perfection in the everyday motions of life, inspiring style and comfort. He continues to put together a collection of trendy looks without falling short of a tasteful presentation. Even in winter, he slips into the warmth of multiple layers of clothing that don’t compromise physique.

You can find all of Ali’s work with t.e. below:

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